LS Advertising offers industry-leading creative services and employs personnel from top design schools in the Northeast. From concept to layout and design, our talented and experienced designers can turn your ideas into professional, compelling and effective materials. With years of experience across multiple industries, our staff will work with you to create the impactful advertising that you need to drive your business.

Variable Data

You can send a simple thank you note to a customer after a purchase is made. In fact, we have partnered with some of the leading point-of-sale systems which allows us to send out time-sensitive, individualized mailings the next business day. You also have the option of using these services for: purchase anniversaries, follow-ups and upselling. Great marketing is doing things right before and after the sale. A simple thank you has the power to: strengthen relationships, differentiate your company, increase satisfaction and promote referrals. All of our thank you notes feature variable data, with the customer's name prominently displayed and message content that's highly relevant to their purchase.

Event Marketing

Many events are paramount in a consumer's life, and acknowledging them makes a person feel special. These events are often personal in nature, but may also involve purchases. LS Advertising can customize not only graphics, but the mailing lists to capitalize on these paramount events, including: New Homeowner purchases, new engagements and new babies, to name a few.

Personal URLs and e-Mail Marketing

A great way to enhance your direct mail campaign is to add a personal URL to your variable-data direct mail piece. Personal URLs, or PURLs, allow you to customize a web page to the recipient with his or her name and any relevant offers or messages. This technique optimizes customer relationships and increases sales. PURLs are considered a key player in the 1:1 marketing revolution.

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