Reporting Services

Return on Investment Analytics

LS Advertising keeps working for you even after your direct mail promotion is over. Knowing which customers responded to your promotion is powerful information. This allows you to further refine future direct mail promotions and target segments that are most likely to come in to your store and buy.

Reporting options are almost endless, with some of the following important metrics available: demographic or RFM Segment response, segments contributing to largest sales dollar amounts and response by distance from store location.

Valuable Data Services

LS Advertising uses a method used for analyzing customer behavior and defining market segments. This is a marketing technique used by many of the world's largest corporations, especially retail companies, in their direct marketing efforts. Its ultimate goal is to increase purchase frequency and ROI of all direct marketing efforts.

The ultimate goal of any direct marketing endeavor is to print less, mail less and benefit more.

LS Advertising will help you develop appropriate criteria for each category so that valuable marketing segments can be defined. The valuable segments consist of customers most likely to respond to your direct mail communications. The analytics are easily understood, and the RFM method is proven to increase response rates.

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